How will children who need you find you?

public/social worker offices and government entities

Where is the location of the facility?

It is in Arizona. We can’t be more specific because it is in the girls best interest that they are in a safe place.

Do you already own the land?

  • A lease to buy agreement is in place and we are ready to start building as soon as we achieve our funding needs.

What churches are sponsoring this project?

We have multiple churches coming together to help the ranch become reality.

How long will this project take?

Our timing is dependent on meeting our funding needs

What are the cost estimates?

  • Land                                                      $    700,000
  • Housing                                                 $    850,000
  • Equine Facility                                       $      40,000
  • Multi-purpose Facility                            $      65,000
  • Security Gate                                        $      20,000
  • Infrastructure costs                               $    325,000
  • Estimated Total                                   $ 2,000,000

Are there specific building plans for the various buildings?

Yes, an architecual design is pending.