Carrel Haught

Carrel Haught has been a leader in facilities management in the special event industry for over fifteen years. Carrel doesn’t brag about accomplishments, he is the type of man that builds teams, solves problems and gets things done. Whether on a construction site, ranch or concert with thousands attending, Carrel is the man who makes things work. He is a true Arizona cowboy who has successfully managed organizations.

Carrel has been married for 36 years and raised strong powerful daughters who are leaders themselves. Carrel has lead his family to follow Christ’s example to see a need and fill it.

Carrel is a man who can accomplish anything and fears nothing because he knows Jesus. Beauty from Ashes Ranch is ultimately a result of the faith and love he and his wife provided to their daughters.   Carrel does not need titles and praise, being a part of the ranch is proof his service to God will continue for another generation through his daughters. The greatest title he holds is humble servant of the Lord.