The heart behind Beauty from Ashes Ranch 

We are...

A Sanctuary of Healing for Young Survivors of Sex Trafficking.

Beauty From Ashes Ranch is a faith-based nonprofit organization that is building a long-term holistic care facility for rescued children ages 11-17 years old who have been victims
of sex trafficking.

Child Sex Trafficking... 

is a 150 billion dollar industry. We are here to help provide a better future for the children affected.
Children are trafficked by caregivers, intimate partners and those who use violence, threats, and manipulative tactics to enslave. 

Every year, children and youth are coerced into labor and sex trafficking, globally and in the United States.  The trauma experienced from trafficking has a devastating impact on the lives of these victims, affecting personal development.  They suffer from decreased mental health wellness, challenged self-identity, PTSD and drug addiction. 
The war on human trafficking is far from over and during every war there are casualties. The system is failing our children. Who is going to be there to pick up the pieces of stolen innocence? Will you help?

“To give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness...”
- Isaiah 61:3